setup_archlinux: Enable fstrim and scrub
screego: Update version
vaultwarden: Update config

1.25.1 release.
matrix: Update mautrix-whatsapp config

0.5.0 release.
grafana: Update config

9.0.0 release.
screego: Update version
setup_archlinux: Install jq

Used for determining the borg backup size.
xenrox.net: Use iptables as firewalld backend

nftables still cause a few problems with docker and kubernetes.
firewalld: Support setting a backend
wireguard_desktop: Rename role

Has additional support for internal wireguard config. Use a more
meaningful name for the wireguard config files.
terraform/keycloak: Allow admin hedgedoc access
CI: Update ansible secrets
matrix: Update config

1.61.0 release.
misc/wireguard_keys: Generate desktop keys for internal network
wireguard_vpn_server: Fix handler name

Had the same name as the wireguard handler which caused the wrong
network to reload.
wireguard: Add desktop access to internal network

For now only access to the main server.
matrix: Regulate admin API access with internal_access
mailcow: Automatically clean up Junk as well
terraform/keycloak: Enable event logging for prometheus metrics