config: Change from dotenv to loading config.json
Improve error handling

App will no longer crash, if the error response cannot be parsed (e.g.
when API is down).
Try to auto reconnect
Implement match vote with ban command
Automove clients when match gets started
Add function to move clients manually

That can be used when the last player checked in from the website.
Maybe this can be automated in the future with polling or webhooks.
tsconfig: Use es2020 as target

BigInt literals are not available when targeting lower than ES2020.
Add function to manipulate user data

For now only elo is possible.
Add !help command
Move back clients if match is finished

Don't crash if a user moved manually.
Add function to move clients to correct channels
Improve error handling
Autostart match if 10 players are queueing up.
play: Improve error handling
Implement cancelling and finishing a match
Implement cancel and start queue
Improve error handling, send message to whole channel
Implement elo and register commands