0.1.0 9 months ago

10man-ts3 0.1.0

First release of 10man-ts3.

Thorben Günther (32):
      Add Makefile
      Init project
      Add tsconfig.json
      tsconfig: Change target to es2018
      Implement simple "!hello" command
      Add package-lock.json
      Add gitignore
      CI: Add build manifest
      Fix build manifest
      Add wrapper function for graphql requests
      Split incoming message on spaces
      Refactor TeamSpeak.connect() -> TeamSpeak class
      Implement elo and register commands
      Improve error handling, send message to whole channel
      Implement cancel and start queue
      Implement cancelling and finishing a match
      play: Improve error handling
      Autostart match if 10 players are queueing up.
      Improve error handling
      Add function to move clients to correct channels
      Move back clients if match is finished
      Add !help command
      Add function to manipulate user data
      tsconfig: Use es2020 as target
      Add function to move clients manually
      Automove clients when match gets started
      Implement match vote with ban command
      Try to auto reconnect
      Improve error handling
      config: Change from dotenv to loading config.json
      Add README
      Update dependencies