0.1.1 1 year, 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

10man-api 0.1.1

Thorben Günther (1):
      logic: Fix elo calculation

0.1.0 1 year, 10 months ago .tar.gz browse log

10man-api 0.1.0

First release of 10man-api.

Thorben Günther (44):
      go mod init
      go run github.com/99designs/gqlgen init
      CI: Add build manifest
      Define the schema
      Add licence
      Add postgres database connection
      contrib: Add docker-compose to setup a database
      mutation: Add CreateUser
      resolver: Implement user queries
      mutation: Implement user deletion
      database: Initialize with schema
      resolvers: Rename sql to query
      config: Read connection string from dedicated config file
      mutation: Implement start and cancel Queue
      Make linters happier
      Create database function for number of players in queue
      User: Add admin flag to users
      Move queueing logic from dedicated table to User table
      Implement CreateMatch
      Implement balancing algorithm
      mutation: Implement finishing and cancelling a match
      mutation: Improve queueing logic
      config: Remove MatchSize
      mutation: Further improve queueing logic
      mutation: Improve match logic
      User: Add optional field for avatar url and nickname
      mutation: Add updateUser
      Add custom error handling
      Improve error handling further.
      mutation: start-/cancelQueue id -> teamspeakID
      mutation: Remove id from CancelMatch and FinishMatch
      mutation: Improve error message
      mutation: Improve error handling
      Add getTeams
      Move getTeams from mutation to query
      config: Read configuration from file with go-scfg
      Add README
      Implement mapvote in memory
      Add captains to getTeams; will be used for map veto
      Fix multiple bugs
      Move helper code out of schema.resolvers.go
      Remove playground
      Update dependencies
      Make port configurable