createUser: Retrieve name from Steam

For that reason name was removed from UserInput.
readme: Update link to CI badge
DeleteUser: Log name and steamID
Add a bit logging
Re-generate code
Add go generate comment
Add tool dependency

For easier code generation without having to run
`go get github.com/99designs/gqlgen` before.
gqlgen: Upstream updates
server: Add setting to enable playground
config: port -> http-address

The listen interface should be configurable too.
resolver: Add logger, fix config type
config: Add logging level
Switch to own logging package
config: Switch to struct

This struct is added to Resolver.
config: Read path from flag
Update deprecated functions

io/ioutil -> io
database: Remove dependency on global variable

Those should be generally avoided. Instead add the database connection
to the Resolver struct.
Upgrade dependencies
logic: Fix elo calculation

Typical sign error...
Make port configurable