Set custom README with hut
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Mention Org Mode as an alternative


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

This repository demonstrates how to set a custom README with hut.

For this example a simple HTML file is used, but you could also generate the HTML in an additional step from a different file format like Org Mode.

Setting the custom README

Either use this command hut git update --readme readme.html --repo https://git.xenrox.net/~xenrox/custom-readme or use an automatic deployment with a build manifest.

Removing the custom README

If you want to go back to sourcehut's default way of rendering the README from markdown, you can do this by manually executing a GraphQL mutation. hut does not yet support this functionality.

# enter your own OAuth2 token
export TOKEN="YourOAuth2Token"
# find out the ID of your repository
curl --oauth2-bearer $TOKEN https://git.sr.ht/query -d '{"query": "query { me { repository(name: \"custom-readme\"){ id } }  }"}'
# remove custom README
curl --oauth2-bearer $TOKEN https://git.sr.ht/query -d '{"query": "mutation{ updateRepository(id: 42, input: { readme: null }) { id }  }"}'