0.5.0 1 year, 1 month ago

srhtctl 0.5.0

Major improvements for bash and zsh completion
Config can read API token from command (e.g. pass show token)
Builds info can copy SSH connection command to the clipboard
Get and filter patchsets
Get and filter tracker tickets

build -> builds

Git annotate (was removed upstream)

Paste from clipboard

Ben Burwell (1):
      Add Darwin note to README

Thorben Günther (46):
      api/build: change to receiver function
      api/builds: allow ':' in build notes
      README: Add wiki and contributing section
      cmd/meta: add profile
      api/meta: print profile information
      api: add pagination
      meta: print audit logs
      Update README
      build: push all branches to github
      meta: add pgp and ssh structs
      Change build command to builds.
      build: Remove mirror to github, annotations
      git: Remove annotate feature
      Update dependencies
      builds: Remove hardcoded string, improve tags handling
      paste: Remove forced argument
      completion: Remove patch
      builds: Only complete yaml files for deploy
      builds: Add alias to build for backwards compatibility
      builds: Refactor log printing, retrieve SSH command
      helpers: Move CopyToClipboard here
      builds: Automatically copy SSH command to clipboard
      README: Update
      builds: Move file create logic to separate function
      helpers: Add function to exit with error from string
      config: Allow to read token from command
      API: Use explicit struct for user/owner
      builds: Be more idiomatic with printing/strings
      builds: Give user feedback that SSH command was copied
      todo: Add structs for tickets and trackers
      builds: Fix type of Note
      paste: Improve cmd autocompletion
      root: Print error to stderr
      config: Update for lists and todo
      completion: Add helper function to prevent file completion
      builds: Improve cmd autocompletion
      api: Remove short struct versions
      todo: Remove short structs
      todo: Add ability to print tickets
      lists: Add structs for lists, emails and patches
      todo: Don't ignore errors
      lists: Add ability to print patchsets
      todo: Make ticket api behave like patch api
      todo: Add api structs for events and comments
      Add flag to read (canonical) username
      todo: Get trackers and tickets from other users