README: Add reference to hut

Further development will happen there.
Rename api to rest package

As preparation for the GraphQL update, the api package will be renamed
to rest. In the future the api package will be a wrapper that will call
either the GraphQL or the REST API and house common support code.
staticcheck: Add temporary config

Ignore linter warning "unused"
Makefile: Update, add lint section
meta: Remove unused function
lists: Get lists and patchsets from other users
git: Fix UploadFileRequest function call
git: Upload artifacts
todo: Get trackers and tickets from other users
Add flag to read (canonical) username
todo: Add api structs for events and comments
todo: Make ticket api behave like patch api
lists: Add ability to print patchsets
todo: Don't ignore errors
lists: Add structs for lists, emails and patches
todo: Add ability to print tickets

Can be filtered by status, tracker name.
todo: Remove short structs