[DEPRECATED] CLI for sourcehut API
README: Add reference to hut
Rename api to rest package
CI: Lint with make



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.



Project is discontinued in favour of hut.

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srhtctl is a CLI for interacting with the sourcehut API.

A goal of this project is that you can use sourcehut from your terminal just like you would from your browser.


Just download the source code and build it with make.

There is an aur package for Arch Linux.


You have to create a config.ini in your XDG_CONFIG_HOME under the srhtctl folder. On Darwin, your configuration directory is ~/Library/Application Support/srhtctl. The only necessary value is your sourcehut authentication token. By default you will interact with the original sourcehut instance at https://sr.ht/.

Currently implemented are parts of the meta, git, paste and builds api. You can for example create pastes or deploy build manifests from your command line. As extra features you can create pastes with expiration times and edit build files on the fly with your favourite $EDITOR.


There will be documentation in the wiki. The wiki is based on the wiki branch of this repository.


You can send patches to the mailing list and report bugs via email on the tracker.


There is a systemd service example in assets for cleaning up your expired pastes.