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[![builds.sr.ht status](https://builds.xenrox.net/~xenrox/srht-patches.nvim/commits/.build.yml.svg)](https://builds.xenrox.net/~xenrox/srht-patches.nvim/commits/.build.yml?)

srht-patches.nvim is a plugin for neovim that helps to set the status of patchsets.
srht-patches.nvim is a plugin for neovim that helps with the handling of patches.

## Sending patches (via git send-email)

When sending a patch, this project will highlight subject lines, which do not contain
the repository name, as an error.

## Received patches

srht-patches.nvim can set the status of patchsets.
It currently supports "applied" (`PatchApplied`), "rejected" (`PatchRejected`) and "needs revision" (`PatchNeedsRevision`).
You can either bind these commands to bindings or use the `setup` function to configure this plugin to ask for the status on save (`auto_check`).
This can be further fine-tuned by setting a list of regexes (`address_list`) against which the To-header will be compared.

## Configuration
### Configuration

Use the setup function to configure this plugin.